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2021 Summer Sweat Series


Great Lakes Mall is partnering with resident fitness expert, Mike Hope, from Hope Fitness to bring our guests free fitness classes in the lawn area near Dick's Sporting Goods on the east side of the mall.  Classes are 9:00-9:45am on Thursday morning starting July 1st  - August 19th.   

Advanced registration required.  Click here to register

July 1 - Body Blast Mike Hope, instructor

This workout is the perfect way to burn some cals, build muscle & release any stress from your busy day. Workout stations are leveraged to create a safe social distancing environment for this high-intensity workout. This class focuses on interval training, obstacles & full body cardio exercises.

(Advanced Level - Boot Camp)

July 8 - Gentle Yoga Mike Hope, instructor

Our Gentle Yoga class is a great place to take it slow & experience the benefits of yoga. Classes focus on releasing tension, connecting with breath, & helping students gain strength & increase flexibility with common yoga poses. Students should bring a mat to class. 

(All Levels - Yoga)

July 15th -  Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Erika Whites, instructor

A vigorous & challenging style of yoga designed to build strength, balance & flexibility. Each class is based upon a Vinyasa flow including inversions, arm balances & core work. Be ready to move, sweat & feel completely drained & vibrantly alive at the end of class!

(Advanced Level – Yoga)

July 22nd, Power Vinyasa Yoga Angela Mather, instructor

This Vinyasa style flow thoughtfully coordinates movement to breath & uses repetition to build confidence in your practice & strength incrementally with chaturangas, balancing poses, twists and more. Moderate heat is used to build flexibility & to burn more calories as you practice. 

(Intermediate Level - Yoga)

July 29 -  Yoga Blast Mike Hope, instructor

When muscle & HIIT meets yoga, Yoga Blast is born. Burn calories, build lean muscle & tone to our upbeat sequence designed to maximize strength training moves & flexibility. Class infuses body weight / free weight exercises from our popular Body Blast Series into a Vinyasa Flow designed to burn calories & shred in sequence. 

August 5 -  Pilates Mel Bogo, instructor

Pilates is a Mind, Body and Spirit Practice that focuses on your Core Muscles. 

Pilates will help you strengthen and lengthen, while improving Balance, Coordination, Posture, Flexibility and Concentration. 

During Class we will focus on Slow and  Controlled movement with breath and hitting every muscle with only the use of our Body Weight

August 12 - HIIT Yoga Kristi Jancar, instructor

Discover the benefits of improved mobility and agility while increasing your overall flexibility. Each class kicks off with a dynamic warm-up to improve mobility. Class then continues with a traditional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout to focus on agility before transitioning into an intense stretching and muscle release with deep yoga poses. 

(Intermediate Level - HIIT + Yoga)

August 19 -  Abs and Assets Mike Hope, instructor

This class is based on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles as well as lower body (quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes) by using various props like steps, bands, free weights and your own body weight. A variety of exercises will be covered to work every angle of your muscles to develop the physique you desire. 

(Intermediate Level - Strength Training)