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December 2020 Mall Walker Newsletter

                                Tips to Show Your Holiday Love Safely


  With COVID cases surging and experts recommending holiday gatherings be limited to help slow the spread, things look very different this year. So how do you share your love and celebratory joy without actually being together? This year it’s especially important to bring a personal focus to each gift you send and each phone or video opportunity you have. Here are some suggestions.

•Make or buy special gifts. This conveys personal love. Craft cards with personal messages. Sew, knit, crochet or craft gifts. Cook or bake holiday goodies or the family’s or friend’s favorite dish or dessert, then deliver or ship them. It’s almost like being at the table with them!
•Take new photos/videos or dig up special ones from your files to send. Make each picture personal. Send one to each child or grandchild individually so that they know you’re thinking of them personally.


•Send a meaningful, personal gift. If someone likes the beach, send colored sand in a bottle. Send seeds or a plant to a gardener or a “cookie kit” to a baker. Send a game, book or any favorite item meaningful to the individual.
•Share experiences! Have phone calls or video chats while baking, walking or doing other activities to make everyone feel like they’re there with you. You could even decorate your home or tree or craft while on a call!





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