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August 2017 Mall Walker Newsletter

Each month the Mall Walker Newsletter will feature helpful articles courtesy of the Lake Health Wellness Institute.

The Benefits of Swimming

Did you ever hear that swimming is the perfect exercise? If offers an aerobic workout without the damaging impact on joints, requires no fancy equipment – just a pool or body of water – and can be done by participants of all ages. It can help you stay strong and fit, and can even help you recover from some types of injuries.

Swimming helps you gain muscle strength and definition throughout your body: arms, legs, back and abdomen. It strengthens the heart muscle and lungs, and its aerobic benefits may reduce system-wide inflammation, resulting in lessened disease progression throughout the body. With the reaching, stretching and twisting of its strokes, swimming also helps you stay flexible.

A new study shows that swimming may actually build bone mineral density, previously thought to be only the result of weight-bearing exercise. It provides a good calorie burn, equal to or even better than a treadmill workout, depending on the stroke you choose.

For those with exercise-induced asthma, swimming’s moist environment can be a good alternative. It helps alleviate asthma symptoms and may improve the lungs’ overall condition, increases overall lung volume and teaches good breathing techniques.

Similar to a runner’s high, the exercise, stretching and breathing of swimming may release the natural endorphins that lower stress and improve mood.

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