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December 2019 Mall Walker Newsletter

Why Winter is a Great Time of Year

Not a fan of winter? Consider some of its good – and healthy – points!

Good points:

  • The beauty of the snowy scenery
  • Holiday music, candles, decorations, parties and fun
  • Bright white and colored holiday lights
  • Hot beverages and comfort food
  • Getting cozy with blankets and fires
  • Gift-giving and presents
  • Watching or participating in winter activities or sports such as sledding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, football, basketball, snowball fights and building snowmen and snow forts

Healthy points:

  • Colder temperatures make your body work harder to maintain core temperature, so you might burn more calories.
  • In cooler temperatures, the body may use less glucose, leaving more for the brain’s mental tasks, boosting brain power and clearer thinking.
  • Cooler temperatures and less daylight can improve sleep.

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