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February 2019 Mall Walker Newsletter

Fun Ways to Manage and Relieve Stress

Beyond affecting your physical health, ongoing stress, worry and frustration can take over and dictate your daily life. Chronic stress affects your motivation, creativity and productivity, as well as your body. Use the tips below to find pleasure, fun and joy, which can help manage and relieve your sometimes-overwhelming stress.

• Laugh. Take in a fun movie, meet with friends, cheer at a sporting event, play a light and laughable card or board game, brave an amusement park ride or midway game, read from a funny book you keep on hand, play with children, attend a children’s play or concert, visit the dog park or care for a friend’s pet.
• Be active. Your schedule and responsibilities may be pressing, but take time, whether it’s for 5 minutes, an hour or an afternoon, to take a walk; do some “no equipment needed” exercises such as jumping jacks or twists; join an activity, exercise or dance class with a friend or at the senior center; ride a bike; go dancing or dance at home.
• Engage your mind in organization, productivity or creativity. Write lists to sort out or manage tasks; build, paint, sew or engage in a craft or hobby; cook or bake something special.

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