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February 2020 Mall Walker Newsletter

                        Proper Home Blood Pressure Measurement

To identify high blood pressure (above 130/80) earlier and avoid the problems that may result from it, the American Heart Association recommends regular monitoring at home, two to three times a week.

Here are some tips for home blood pressure monitoring.

•Use an electronic monitor that fits your upper arm and inflates automatically.
•Use the right size cuff for your arm size and put it on your bare arm.
•Avoid caffeine and alcohol for 30 minutes prior to measurement.
•Sit quietly for 5 minutes prior to measurement.
•Don’t talk while the measurement is being taken.
•Take a second reading 1 minute after the first reading. If the readings are close, write down an average of the 2. If not, take a third reading and average all 3.
•Keep a record of the readings to share with your doctor.
•Check your monitor’s accuracy. Take it to your doctor’s office or bring it with you to a Mall Walker blood pressure screening to compare readings.

Visit information on Lake Health’s free community blood pressure screening opportunities.

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