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July 2020 Mall Walker Newsletter

Holistic Health


Holistic health recognizes that all elements of one’s health are interconnected. For example, the heart doesn’t function independently from the rest of the body, but is influenced by physical, emotional, environmental and genetic factors. Major heart related issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol are influenced by family history, diet, exercise and mental health, showing us the importance of knowing our health history and being an advocate of wellness in different areas of our life.

As people enter different stages of their life, many factors create challenges to health. People become busier, which can make it harder to find time to exercise, prepare healthy meals or engage in activities for stress relief. Changes in metabolism or the development of wear and tear injuries, such as arthritis, can significantly impact physical activity, ability to lose weight or simply maintain a routine that had kept them on a healthy path before.

Important factors in managing health include leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress relief), as well as knowing your personal health history and having an established health care provider―an advocate whose focus is on maximizing your health and wellness―someone with whom you feel comfortable and can communicate easily.

Visit for information on Lake Health’s free community blood pressure screening opportunities.

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