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November 2017 Mall Walker Newsletter

Activity + Music = Wellness Success

You have probably heard that music is good for your health …in a number of ways. But have you considered how beneficial up-tempo music can be in making you move, bringing success to your activity level and resulting in fitness, happiness and fulfillment?

Don’t let the darkening days of late fall and early winter slow you down. Take your cue from Snow White, Jazzercise or Zumba. Music works. When we listen to music, the body actually synchronizes bodily rhythms with the music. This is called entrainment. Listening to music can improve endurance and intensity, and promotes “getting in the zone.” So if you want to energize yourself to get moving, listen to a favorite selection of music with an upbeat tempo and rhythm.

While mall walking, hum along with the mall’s music selections or listen to your own music on your iPod, MP3 or phone. While exercising at the gym or just doing jobs around the house or yard, add your favorite up-tempo music. It makes doing chores easier, time goes more quickly and you can burn more calories. Along with the benefit in physical fitness, music and movement also give an emotional, mental and stress-relieving boost.

Pick up the beat!

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