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Jobs Description

We are having open interviews in-store from 11am to 2pm on Thursday October 28th, Friday October 29th, and Saturday October 30th.


The Mechanic assists the Facilities Manager in the maintenance of bowling equipment or amusement arcade games. Assist customers as needed. In addition, the mechanics support the Company’s programs designed to promote all products and/or services. Traveling to other store locations in the U.S. is required.  


Areas of Responsibility

Bowling Maintenance 

  • Services and maintains bowling equipment and amusement arcade games. 
  • Conducts and manage lane maintenance and repairs on bowling lanes, pinsetters, and other bowling related equipment. 
  • Trains other mechanics in Brunswick machine area safety procedures and standards of operation for bowling equipment, building maintenance, and preventative maintenance programs. 
  • Ensures Brunswick operational compliance with appropriate laws and policies to include OSHA safety practices and procedures. 
  • Improves and updates current inventory system; keeps inventory current. 
  • Identifies and suggest repairs and replacements of malfunctioning bowling equipment with final approvals from General Manager or Sr. General Manager as appropriate. 
  • Updates the Brunswick preventative maintenance charts for the bowling center equipment as posted (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually). 
  • Ensures high scoring lane conditions meet and align with USBC specifications. 
  • Must successfully complete the Brunswick mechanic training programs for the machine type in their assigned center, as well as any other training programs developed for their position. 
  • Other tasks assigned by management. 

Amusement (Arcade)  Maintenance 

  • Services and maintains amusement arcade games. 
  • Responds to customer complaints of machine malfunction; analyzes the mechanism to find the root of the problem. 
  • Install, maintain, and repair both mechanical and circuitry issues in arcade game machines. 
  • Transport machines and assemble using meters, electrical parts, hand tools, and soldering irons. 
  • Able to readily identify the most common problem with components like controls and audio systems. 
  • Other tasks assigned by management.

Education / Experience Requirements

  • High School diploma 
  • (Preferred) One to two years’ experience in hospitality, restaurant or retail environment.