Skin District Store

Skin District offers locally handmade selfcare items as well as curated monthly regimens with a variety of products from hair to toe.  

Skin District Store was born in June of 2020 when sisters Raveah, Riley and Myah (4, 5, & 8 years old respectively) started a Lip Balm and Lemonade stand in Euclid, Ohio. Parents Deborah and Neicya’s goal was to teach the girls financial literacy and responsibility and after their first event the girls did so well the family decided to add to their line of handmade all-natural products.

To date, the sisters, who are now 6, 7, and 10 years old, make and sell and entire selfcare line including soaps, shea butters, body scrubs, bath milks and granolas, shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, beard kits, deodorants, scar jelly, refresher sprays and much more. Skin District Store products contain oatmeal, sage, charcoal and many other natural key ingredients, and the girls can specially curate a custom skin care plan based on your skin analysis.